The Tennessee Tribune, Middle America’s leading African American publication based in Nashville, TN recently published a list of the names and addresses of non-voting registered voters in the 2004 election.The purpose was clear: to shame these people into coming out in 2008. Even though the list of names covers only the local area, the move has stirred a considerable amount of controversy in the national media.

After all, a very rational minded colleague argues “Voting is a right, not a duty. We don’t HAVE to vote. It’s our choice.”
“Yup,” agrees another. “I mean, I have a right to express myself,and if I want to make a point by not voting, then I should not be shamed because I wanted to make that point.”

So basically what they’re saying is, “I have a right to not express myself (i.e. not vote), because I want to express myself”

As one of the most commonly used acronyms in internet chat history goes…..”WTF?”

It’s like taking a kid to the ice cream store, and when you him what flavor of ice cream he wants, he just keeps his mouth shut. So you buy him vanilla, because well, that’s what other kids are eating. After walking out of the store, the kid has no right to turn to you and complain about vanilla because when you asked him he chose to keep his mouth shut. So he’s just going to have to live with it now huh?

Similarly if you don’t use your right to vote my friend, you have no right to bitch and moan about your government either. You were asked what you wanted, you didn’t answer,so you suck it up and deal with what you are given. Kapiche?

It’s mind boggling that a country that toots it’s democratic horn from the top of the Himalayas to as far as the moon, that we are not taking the initiative to be a part of their own electoral process. There are people in nations all across the world that are dying to be heard, that want their opinions to matter. Meanwhile our nation sits on it’s entitled ass because well, you ‘have a thing’ that needs to be done urgently on Nov. 4th or the thought of standing in a line for a couple of hours in the cold is just so physically taxing (these will also be the same idiots who stood in a 4 hour line for the Kingda Ka rollarcoaster at your local Six Flags theme park in the summer)

If you don’t respect yourself, then at least respect the sacrifices made by our founding fathers, and so many prominent figures in history that have even given you the right to stand in that line at the election booth today.

As far as the whole shaming angle is concerned, we are the last nation on this planet that should be embarassed by anything.

Turn on VH1 and you’ll see reality T.V shows with more pixelated private parts than actual people. We are ready to jump up on Jerry Springer and talk about how “My boyfriend cheated on me with a transvestite” and  that “I’m pregnant with my neighbor’s child.” We can remember how many times Britney’s vagina has made a T.V appearance but forget to tune into the presidential debate. So let’s shed this puritanical veneer. Weren’t we the one’s that rose up in ire when Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin referred to the “Two Americas?”

Right now, there seems to be one America, it’s composed of idiots who go on Sally Jesse Raphael and the idiots who watch these idiots on the show.

In today’s time it seems we are both pathetic and apathetic.

So you know what? Kudos to the Tennessee Tribune. Even though they are knocking the door to a house that is empty, at least someone is out there doing it.

Congratulations guys and keep up the good work.

In case you’re still reading….go vote!

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