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A beautiful tone and a soft touch, we would make music all day looooong; she would be firm and forgiving at the same time; A mother, a wife, a daughter, a grandmother….that’s what music would be like if she were a woman”

Just like the name of their new album “Breaking Barriers” this Canadian act is breaking barriers and records with their music as their songs ‘O Meri Rani’ and ‘2 step bhangra’ sit pretty on the top 5 lists of major radio stations in North America. This trio of Master-D and DJ Vicious (who do the producing) and Khashif ( the man behind the sexy vocals) have tasted fame in the past year and are sitting down with DesiClub.com for a chat.

Now we could talk about the fact that their past few songs have gotten even the laziest booty shaking and burned dance floors all across the world. We could also talk about how they’re in talks to sign a major ringtone/mobile content deal in Canada, the first for any Desi artist. We could also casually mention the contract they just signed with PNC to have their hits featured in the Motion Pixel International animated endeavor “Ek Khiladi, Ek Haseena version 2.0.” We could also mention their just released single “Turn up the music” that has been making waves internationally. Oh! And we could also point out that they recently opened for none other than the big boss of Bollywood, Amitabh Bacchan at the “Unforgettable tour.”

But we won’t.

Instead, today we’re going to talk about the three boys themselves. The voices and talent behind the music.

As we chat, their remarkable energy is contagious, but beneath all the media hoopla and excitement, they’re just three guys, hanging out, having a good time and working hard doing what they love the most, making sweet music.

A.M: O.K since we’ve brought it up already and we can’t help but ask, what was it like opening for Amitabh Bacchan’s show in Toronto?

Khashif: The experience was truly unforgettable. We grew up watching Bollywood movies and suddenly we’re sharing the stage with a legend and an icon in the industry. It was an unbelievable feeling. The best part was when Abhishek told us that we rocked while he was listening to our sound check.

A.M : Tell us about “Breaking Barriers.”

Kashif: I’m so proud of the album. The vibe is just ridiculous. It’s a mix of club bangers and beautiful ballads and the music is just mind-blowing. We’re talking about real issues and experiences that people will relate to such as peace and violence, forbidden love, going from friends to lovers, finding a girl that has the right balance of modern and traditional, working your ass off to get to the top and not forgetting where you come from, watching the person you love get hurt and so much more. I can’t wait for the world to hear what we’ve created and hopefully the fans will love the music as much as we loved making it.

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The Bilz: Yeah this album is very special.

D.J Vicious: Master-D is stepping his game up, singing, taking compositions to the next level and even showing his skills with instruments in this one. He’s going to blow everyone’s mind in the next video.

Master-D: Thanks man! You’re not so bad yourself…(They both laugh) . We’re just here to make good music and let everyone know that we love our fans. Our music is fresh and innovative. We’re here to entertain and now that we are here, we’re not going anywhere for a long time!

AM: O.K, now let’s get down to the good stuff. So when you guys are not up there performing, or in the studio building tracks, what do you guys do with your free time, if you have any that is!

Khashif: Watch movies, read and spend time with family

Master- D: Family vacations, playing soccer, fishing and being surrounded by nature.

Vicious: Yeah I love nature too. Canada has some great places to visit just the drive is amazing. I love to party and see what’s getting people excited at the clubs. I read a lot about business and love getting some of that down south sun!

AM: Now you guys have been making music, which you love to do and getting recognized for it at the same time, so you’ll are no stranger to the expression “having your cake and eating it too.” Does this translate with the ladies as well?

Khashif: (Laughs, jokingly) Hey, we’re good looking guys, it’s bound to happen.

AM: O.K well then let me make this a definitive guide for all the girls who ever want you be your ‘rani.’ The way to a man’ heart is through his stomach and I heard that all of you have a notorious sweet tooth, so if a girl had to bribe your sweet tooth in order to win your heart, what chocolate would she have to offer you?

Kashif: Bribery won’t work! ( He chuckles ) but if you’re asking me what my favorite chocolate bar is, it would probably be Coffee Crisp.( A popular coffee-flavored chocolate bar created in Canada)

Vicious: I’m such a cookie & cake freak but if it was a candy bar, I love Kit Kat its sweet yet light!

AM: So say she managed to win you over, where would your first date be and how would it go?

Kashif: As much as I love the classy restaurants, I love the ghetto joints as well…I guess what I mean is that it shouldn’t really matter where we go. It’s less about the place and more about my date. As long as <!–[if !mso]> <! st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } –> I’m with the one that makes me happy that’s all that really matters, everything else shouldn’t be that important…

Maybe this is why I’m still single? …but what the world is missing is simplicity.

The evening would be fun, relaxed and romantic.

Master-D: I would definitely choose a restaurant with a spicy menu. I like my women who have an authentic tongue. That should definitely set the tone for the night. If we’re laughing and being ourselves, to me that means the night is going great. People need to focus more on “real” love than just what’s a proposal portfolio.

Vicious: I’d choose the area but let her pick the restaurant. I’m not really fussy when it come to food it just has to taste good. If its $5 or $50. I think life should be lived well, you have to plan your goals, but I don’t over think things I work spontaneously but with conviction. It kind of reflects in my music. Although fancy restaurants are nice I’d like the 2nd date to be more casual, spend time to know each other, relax and give her goose bumps 😉

AM: Boxers or Briefs? Oh! And what colors?

Kashif: Best of both worlds…Boxer briefs…as for colors…imagine a rainbow…

The Bilz: (Laugh)

AM: What’s your favorite bedroom activity?

Khashif: (Smiles mischievously)I’d love to go on a show like Big Brother…maybe then the world will find out what my favorite bedroom activity is!!

AM: You guys are in an amazing place right now. Your fans love you…do you have any advice for people who are struggling to break into the field?

Kashif: Patience, patience, patience. And some more patience. It’s is a virtue and of course practice makes perfect. Believe in yourself and your talent and perseverance, persistence and determination are the keys to success. Stay focused and stay humble.

Vicious: Just keep doing what you’re doing, and if you are doing it right, people will come knocking and don’t let anything stop you!

AM: Good words to live by! And so what is up next on the horizon with you guys?

Khashif: A ton of stuff! “Turn the music up” is out and the video is now set for broadcast release on AVS TV Network on August 16th, for U.S. and Canada. It’s been selected for 9th Annual FILMI Film Festival taking place in Toronto taking place at the Royal Cinema. Watch out for us in the September issue lifestyle magazine, South Asian Living. And we did a piece with Khabar Magazine, just talking about the state of the urban desi scene.

AM: Wow! Talented, smart and good looking! Is there anything you guys can’t do?

(They laugh)

Wanna give a shout out to the readers of desiclub.com?

Khasif: We love how desiclub.com supports the movement, so we urge everyone to download our songs legally from iTunes.com or desihits.com. Just make sure you hit us up on our website at www.thebilzandkashif.com, Myspace & Facebook.

The Bilz: Keep your eyes and ears open baby! This party has just begun! Loads of love to Desiclub and its readers!

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