There come’s a point in your life where you don’t give a shit anymore.

When you roll your pants up to your knees and waddle into the rain, your toes squelching into the mud that lines the streets. You raise your head to the sky to feel the raindrops on your face and stick your tongue out taste the rain, you know the middle of the street is not the best place to run amock like this. The rain flattens your hair to your head and you know everybody is staring,but you keep walking in the rain, and you decide to sing. So you sing, a random song that makes you happy, like….like..anything. Not to loudly, just loud enough for yourself to hear. And before you know it you’re jumping from puddle to puddle with water splashing around your knees much to the indignation of people passing by. They shoot you filthy looks and some roll their eyes as you prance like an idiot in streets. An occasional stranger smiles at you. And walk on, with your arms spread out.

And then as if it were divine retribution, you fall, you trip and spread eagle unceremoniously, smacking your chin against the tarmac. Your eyes tear up and your tongue hurts in the place you just bit down on it. You hear a stifled laugh behind you and you pull yourself up. And for some reason, you’re still grinning.

Luckily I haven’t reached that stage yet.

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