It’s a scientifically established fact that T.V is awesome.

But to be very honest, except for the spate of reality shows that I only watch because metaphorical train wrecks are  more watchable than actual train wrecks (A not-so-subtle nod to you Ms. Sawant!) there’s nothing that can keep me watching T.V for more than a 20 minute span without wanting to turn to the loving cyber-arms of

Yash Raj Films (Logo)

Yash Raj Films managed to single-handedly redefine Hindi films in India and the international markets for the past few decades, so when the ads for “Television turning red” from Jan 1st made the rounds in the newspapers I was excited. From the run-away hit Kabhi-Kabhi in 1976 to 2009’s smart and very likable Rocket Singh-Salesman of the year, they have done very little to disappoint (Let’s just pretend that Tashan and Bachna Ae Haseeno never happened).  As I mentioned, Indian T.V has long since hit a wall as far as being decently watchable is concerned. I mean, Bairi Piya, really? The lead actress, Supriya Kumari has this amazing range of expressions that span from this:

"Kya? pita-ji ki tabiyat kharab ho gayi? Nahin!"- Sadness and anguish

to this:

"Pitaji ki tabiyat bilkul theek hai, ab woh Superman say kahi guna zyaada swasth hai"- Excitement and Elation

So if YRF is doing T.V, I want to see. And as usual, YRF is going all out. The line-up includes:

The 2010 Yash raj T.V line-up.

1. Lift Kara De: A reality show that has some of India’s biggest film stars making dreams come true. Three episodes into watching it, I’m still unsure how that’s happening. The last episode I saw had three people making and selling juice? Their dream is to become juice sellers? I’m not so sure how this works, but I’m not giving up yet. I will provide an update as soon as I make some sense of it. (I also forgot that I’m hopelessly and madly in love with Sharukh Khan, he’s probably one of the smartest businessmen in our country right now and on-screen, even if he’s playing himself in every movie, I freaking love him. Starring: Sharukh Khan as Shah Rukh Khan. I’ll be there. He’s so Goddamn charming!)

2. Mahi-Way: I have not seen the show yet, but the promos are fantastic. Pustiie S, has paid her dues in bit parts in television for years now. Also,I’m a sucker for any “Ugly Betty” type show. Big girls need love too you know? I will be watching!

3. Powder: I have to admit, it’s not my type of show, but the promos are slick and from what I’ve heard, people are loving it.

4. Seven: Again, just not my type of show, seems a little bit like a “Heros” rip-off. But since I was quiet into “Heros” before shit just got out of control and my brain got fried every time I watched it, I’ll be on the look out.

This one, the one I just watched that has prompted me to write this post is

5. I LOVE it. I’ve not felt this way about any Indian T.V show in a while. And even though I hate using cliches like “fresh, young and contemporary” I think I’m just going to have to. Starring Shruthi Seth (Isha) and Kavi Shastri (Rohan), the show is in true YRF style, smart, funny and well-written. It’s for the first time, I think, in Indian television that promotions have extended to the new media realm with characters facebook and twitter pages. (Rohan and Isha on FB and Rohan and Isha on Twitter) In the case of Kavi Shastri, it’s also fantastically acted. A London import, Kavi Shastri has just the timing and physicality for a show like I’m going to refrain from mentioning his  very sexy skinny ties and those shirts that seem to be in love with the broad chest they’re around, that make him look delectable, but oh look! I just did. Shruthi Seth, was unfortunately disappointing. I loved her in Shararat as a kid, but she left me feeling thanda-er than I’d like to have felt with Her scenes with Kavi Shastri are so much fun to watch but her personal track is kind of a downer with a colorless supporting cast.  I’m wary of the fact that this could quickly turn into an irritating Isha-Rohan love story that will deter from the interesting episodic storyline. Till then I promise, I’ll be watching.

Here’s hoping that T.V remains red for a long time to come.

4 thoughts on “Relationship Status: Falling for (Indian T.V is RED!)

  1. Hehehe. The pitaji-pictures are funny. But I’m curious. Why were you even watching Bairi Piya? Did you look at the title and go ‘Hmmm…this might be interesting’?

    I really liked the first episode of as well. The actors did a good job, the treatment was classy, the dialogues urban (even if the story was a tad predictable, but that’s the case with most sitcoms), there was no stupid laugh track and of course, the camera did not look like it was being operated by an epileptic gorilla. I really hope it works, what with me being a TV writer and all.

    Oh and I realised who you were after I read your comment. Your call-center-pest impression at Ham Night was HILARIOUS! What’s the latest on the Marimba gig – 24th?

  2. In my defense I was watching Bairi Piya because…..Oh God. I was watching Bairi Piya.
    (OK Truthfully, it was supposed to have something about the famer suicides and before I knew it I was on the episode where (SEVEN long episodes later) he finally lifts her ghoonghat to find out that he’s been married to the maidservant or something. Intense stuff.

    Also, do you remember our compere at ham night? That’s effing right. Kavi freaking Shastri (of fame?). I noticed there was no laugh track and grappled for a bit as to when I should LOL, but I think I figured my way around it. (Maybe?)

    The Marimba gig is now on for the 24th, again, not completely sure since the details are pouring in like an enema from a broken bag, so we’ll see. Will def keep you updated (at least a week-long notice I’m hoping, so that we can get some material together?)

    1. Hey! I thought I did link it back to your website, but I’ll use tinypic so there’s no bandwidth consumption! My sincere apologies!

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