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The Maharashtra (the state in which Mumbai is located) court recently announced that from now on, they would only hand out taxi permits to people who could speak, read and write Marathi fluently.

I’m yet to understand what the connection between being able to speak, read and write Marathi fluently and driving a taxi is. I have to admit, shamefacedly,that in spite of being in Mumbai for more than 15 years and having gone through 3 years of Marathi in school (that barely counts, the first words of my Marathi teacher Ms. Savadhi,as she entered the class were “Aditi ani company, varga-che baher ja”  (Aditi and company, please leave the class) my Marathi is strictly operational. However, in my entire life, wherever I have gone in Maharastra, be it Mumbai, Pune, Panchgani and even Belgaum, I have never felt uncomfortable, or lost because I didn’t know the language. Especially in a city like Mumbai that has people from almost every state in the country and different countries of the world pouring in, this seems like an unnecessary rule, that solves no problems but in fact may end up causing more than a few.

Speculation is that the Congress (the reigning party in Maharastra) has taken this step in order to appeal to the voter base of the Shiv Sena and MNS(Two parties that have taken the ‘Maharastra for Maharastrians’ moniker way above and beyond it’s practical application). The above rule very clearly prevent immigrants from entering the city. Congress has also seemingly forgotton that Mumbai’s immigrants are a huge part of thier current voter base, pissing them off might not be such a good idea.

In other news our resident Aurthur Road celebrity and 26/11 accused of the brutal and vicious attacks on Mumbai, Ajmal Kasab gave Shiv Sena and MNS serious boners after speaking to the court in Marathi recently. While our justice system plods on, Ajmal Kasab is keeping the crowds entertained. Seems like our boy has been doing his homework in jail. I foresee a huge career for him in reality T.V. (“Ajmal ki Talab“–Ajmal’s quest for a lawyer/bride. Either way I hope NDTV is listening becasue there’s money in this idea. Lot’s of it.)

Now the only thing that should be stopping Ajmal Kasab from getting himself a taxi permit is….oh wait, there’s nothing.So why not? The bloke knows his Marathi. That’s about 50% of the battle won right there.

Bhaisahab. Bhaad main chalenge? (Will you go to hell?)
  • Marathi compulsory for cabbies in Mumbai: http://www.hindustantimes.com/maharashtra/Marathi-must-for-Mumbai-cab-drivers/500019/H1-Article1-499775.aspx
  • Kasab tells judge he understands Marathi: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Kasab-tells-judge-he-understands-Marathi/articleshow/4609487.cms

3 thoughts on “Taxi Permit for Kasab. *honk honk*

  1. LOL, my thoughts exactly !!
    I was in a state of shock when I heard this from some friends “kasab speaks marathi” 😐
    To be honest, I like the entire idea of kasab reality show. maybe you could make millions.

    Since I dont watch telv., after googling, wanted some opinions of amchi mumbai’s public. Yours was spot on.

    You should visit our world famous Bombay Univ. (I refuse to call it mumbai.. :@), theyve started this new thingy, they dont acknowledge people talking in hindi and giu them wierd stares (ME). For whatever reason, He was turned on when I spoke in broken marathi (which I didnt understand in the first place) and got my job done!

    After living and schooling in maharashtra , learning marathi for those 8 horrendous years, I speak broken marathi and understand bare minimum.
    I dont reckon a conversation in marathi with anyone, other than mi bai and the clowns at univ.

    Coming bak to the topic, I think its about time, MNS n SS drop the enitre marathi compulsion and marathi manoos non-sense, try and focus on real MARATHI-Manoos issues like inflating prices, water and ration.

    Im pretty shure the world is laughing on us!

  2. I am already putting together a proposal for Kasab’s reality show. I’m confident that it’s an idea worth millions.

    I’ve stopped being too much of a T.V watcher for the past month too. the internet is more sane and less addled with advertisements that I CAN ignore.

    Dude, I don’t know what the hang up with people hating Hindi is. It’s absurd really. But don’t even get me started on people who can only speak English because their Hindi is sooooo bad. Angraze chale gaye aur apni cutlery (chamche) bhool gaye.

    MNS and SS are retarded and embarrassing. I can’t believe I belong to the same race as these morons.

  3. Oh, I almost thought this blog died.. until the email

    Glad, you’re still alive 🙂

    I hope yu’ve pitched the proporsal for kasab.. Old topic.. still

    Well, IMO, speaking Eng only is much better than speaking marathi only. But in a country like Hindustan.. people must speak hindi (atleast basics)., Marathi should be forgotten..

    “MNS and SS are retarded and embarrassing. I can’t believe I belong to the same race as these morons.”

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