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I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time, so here goes.

I love Priyanka Chopra.

Sure she won the Ms. World title after a wrong answer in her question-answer round.  She was asked by Jerry Springer, American T.V show host, who she thought was the most successful woman living and she answered Mother Teresa. Wrong answer (Mother Teresa died in 1997, three years before 2000) and trite answer (Mother Teresa, really? How about world Peace or something?)

PC namaste-ed her way into the hearts of the judges at the Ms. World Pageant in 2000

But her winning the crown is not her fault, it’s the judges problem. She was the last in line for the heyday of Indian beauty queens at the Ms. World pageant. Now unfortunately, it’s just become a string of girls, who all look the same, have the same bored look on their faces and don’t give two hoots about anything but their inevitable Bollywood debut. In the year that Indian women took on not 1 or 2, but 3 titles Priyanka Chopra stood out.

She wound up going the Bollywood way of course, and admirably enough,  her Bollywood journey has been an intersting and remarkable one.

As an actress, she has certainly proved her mettle.I loved Aitraaz where she played an outright seductress (even the constantly over-hyped Kareena Kapoor waned in comparison to Priyanka Chopra) .  She was the only enjoyable thing about Dostana (We get it John Abraham, you have abs. Awesome, good for you. Now please take them out of my face and put your shirt back on.) And she recently received her due in the national award for her portrayal of the ambitious Meghna in Fashion and earned rave reviews for Kaminey’s Sweety. And she’s done some pretty bad films and still emerged very lightly affected. Even after the disaster that was Love Story 2050 and the subsequent Drona, she is still demanding a high price (she reportedly asked for a huge sum to do Pyaar Impossible) and producers are willing to pay her that much, because she adds value to every production she is in, in a significant way.

Is she hot? Hells yes.

Not to mention that she’s always been sensationally hot. I’ve yet to see a picture that she looks odd or uncomfortable in. She seems to exude this poise  in her various public appearances, I’m happy that even though she is tabloid fodder, she’s out of the lime light enough to retain an air of some sort of classiness. And for the 283,351 people who follow her on twitter, she’s down to earth, and replies to a lot of people’s messages. Sure she might have had some work done to keep looking the way she does, but who doesn’t? You’re in the business of looking good for crying out loud so what’ s wrong with getting a little work done? While other stars insist that they be shot from only one particular side, Priyanka seems to be one of the few people who just manages to look good from every angle. And no one, no one I know can rock a sari as well as a pair of jeans.

Moreover, her nick name is Piggy Chops. That is hands down, the most awesome nick name ever. It’s not ridiculous and absurd like Duggu or Bebo, Chi-chi where it sounds like your parents were total chumps because they couldn’t say your name after giving it to you. ), it’s just cute.  A nick name like Piggy Chops, to me, shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously (any other actress I’m sure must be mortified to be called “Piggy”) and I love that. She’s also called Pranks sometimes. Is it all right to like/dislike someone simply for thier nick name you ask? I guess it does. Especially if the person is a public personality, a brand name in herself/himself.

The word that has been doing the rounds is that Priyanka Chopra is a Vodka and Tandoori chicken kind of girl. In a world where everyone is eating gluten-free, and fat-free, and according to their blood type and skin type,  and even our leading men are becoming vegetarians to maintain their lean bodies, it’s fantastic to hear about a girl who can put away Tandoori Chicken and Vodka. And inspite of the fact that she is this huge brand name, she seems real, more identifiable to a regular person than the damn Gods and Godesses that stars make themselves out to be.

(M)* who gave a shot with her for Pyaar Impossible said she was blown away by PC. According to (M) , when she went up to face Piggy Chops for the shot, Priyanka held out her hand and said warmly, “Hi I’m Priyanka.”  (M) was so stunned she didn’t know what to say. Does Priyanka Chopra really need to introduce herself to anyone on the Indian sub-continent? There are very few people who won’t know her I guarantee you that. But she did. It’s humble and unpretentious. (M) was blown away by how sweet and friendly Priyanka was.

You know why John Abraham and Abhishek Bacchan look upset? Because they're not Priyanka Chopra.

As far as her relationships are concerned, there were rumors of her 6 year long involvement with the married Akshay Kumar, and it sucks. But the fact that it’s so common in the film industry cannot be ignored. It happens. And really I don’t care. It’s her as a public persona that I love.  Her relationship with Shahid Kapoor might be on, might be off. Again, I don’t care. From what the tabloids are now reporting, she is allegedly getting closer to Ranbir Kapoor and might even replace Katrina Kaif in an upcoming film. I like that idea a lot. Not because I have anything against Katrina Kaif, she’s quiet all right, but it’s because I love Ranbir Kapoor. It would give me a vicarious orgasm if Priyanka and Ranbir got together.

Priyanka Chopra today is an A-list actress. And she became one, without getting into bitchy and public cat fights, public weight loss/gain struggles, rumors that she hotly/not-ly contested and without a God father in the industry. PC is beautiful, and talented, and has a decent grip on her public image and is therefore hugely crush worthy.

Whoever’s been pulling the strings as far as Ms. Priyanka Chopra is concerned, weather it be herself, or her PR folks, take a bow. You’re doing a damn good job.

EDIT: Just saw this!

Mumbai Times (21/04/2010) Pg 12

*That’s not her real name. Obviously, what parent would name their child (M)? And how the hell would you pronounce it? Bracket-em-bracket?

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