Come to bed with me tonight?

Lie with me, on the hard mattress, just the way I like it. Put your head down on the hard pillow that resists my cheeks every time I put my head down.  Let the covers slide over your bare legs. Now close your eye and let sleep take your mind hostage.

Jerk awake from the dream where you are falling. Something was following you, but you didn’t see what it was. Turn over on your side to face the door. The silhouette of the little boy is there against the darkness of the light flooding from the street. The cracked moan escaping from his dry throat is your lullaby. Turn and lie on your back, you don’t want to stare at him. That would be impolite.

In the corner of the ceiling, see the nest weighed down with millions of little spiders, swarming over each other, threatening to explode all over the paintings and posters that line the walls.

Feel the fur on your feet, one could assume it belongs to the two eyes that are suspended in a pool of black at the foot of your bed. Hear the dull knocking coming from inside the closed writing desk at the other end of the room. Something needs to be let out.

Realise that the effect of the sleeping pill was confined to falling asleep, it won’t help you stay asleep. Step out of bed gingerly, towards the little boy at the door near the light switches.  Watch the tube light flicker on and light apprehensively flood the room.

Turn to the window to see the small hand prints on the outside of the glass. Slide it open, and look down the length of the building 6 stories up. Then come back to bed, and slide under the covers next to my cold body.

So, will you come to bed with me tonight?

Image via Scerakor on flickr

2 thoughts on “Come to bed with me tonight?

  1. Interesting blog and interesting question. I am sure the person whom this is addressed to wouldn’t mind acting on it. Nobody would, i guess.

    “….feel my heartbeat, beating inside my rib cage, pumping blood into my body. Feel the warmth, spreading its comforting shadow all over. Turn your eyes away and stare vacantly into the air. Let your eyes conjure up a dull image, with ragged hair and long beard….”

    Never mind the above para… its hallucination. BTW i stumbled onto your blog from your linkedin profile.

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