Aditi Mittal is post adolescent idealist and is wondering just how long she can hang onto the “post adolescent” part of that title. Her hobbies include Dingo rearing, using abbrevs in every place poss (LOL being a personal fave),  tagging people who are not in pictures to pictures in which they are not,  and referring to herself in third person. She is a freelance writer, an ak-tor, a stand-up comic and will kick your ass at pretty much anything except at actually kicking your ass. She’s kind of non-violent that way.

Aditi is open to starting a discussion on any topic, from Potato chips to who really is afraid of Virginia Woolf. E-mail her at and she’ll probably wikipedia the topic and get back to you.



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Twitter: @awryaditi

9 thoughts on “This blog is brought to you by…

  1. just wanted to say that i am an avid reader of your blog and not only is it making me laugh and go “yeah! you’re so right!” while i sit by myself in a boutique hotel in hyderabad..but it is refreshingly smart (without intentionally trying , ofcourse).
    i tried to call and share this with you but obviously it’s like hoping to see a shooting star in the day..near impossible…that reminds me, im waiting for your review on pyaar impossible…i love underdog stories and it seems you do too! so please get on with it..
    love xo

  2. hey aditi ma’am, hw r u doin…m ur student from nationals…
    jst came across ur blog n wanna tell ya dat ur awsum!!!

    love ya lots

    take care 🙂

    deepika surana
    Ex-tybmm 🙁
    NAT 😉

  3. Dear Ms Mittal,

    Im never gonna give you up

    Im never gonna laaft you alonneee

    This will be an eternal silsila hai silsila

    and will lead upto a Louuvve marriage

    Yours truly
    Priyal, keeping it real
    We can share a nariyal

  4. Sooo, if I email you and want to discuss kicking your ass at kick-ass subjects, would you actually reply? Well, I guess I’ll find out 🙂

  5. Loved your blog, it’s URL, title, posts, every damn bit. Btw I have stolen one of your labelling ideas for my weblog. Hope i wont get arrested for that!

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