It was bound to happen.
In the most blatant display of fair weather friendship in recent times, Joe the plumber is now suddenly “appalled” at McCain in regards to his views on the 700 billion dollar disaster.
As they rode around on the McCain Mobile, the Straight Talk Express and discussed the bailout, Samuel W. said he felt “Dirty” after seeing the things that go on on the trail of presidential campaign.

This is just another rat leaving a sinking ship, Joe the fucking Plumber.
McCain’s campaign was not a class act, something that he himself has admitted but the rate at which everyone has abandoned his camp, is too low brow even for the Republican party’s usual underhanded dealings.

On election day, a tired McCain came back around to himself during his concession speech. Gone was the mean-spirited pandering that had marked the entire campaign.
But his entire staff forgot to take that message from him.

There was the booing at the mention of Obama at MCCain’s concession speech, there was the attacks on Palin, from the members of her own staff– Palin did not know that Africa was a continent and not a country, she spent $150,000 on her and her family’s campaign wardrobe and behaved like a spoiled woman, crying and getting her period. Even before election day her supporters had “Palin for 2012″ t-shirts on. And now this.

The very man that McCain had made a symbol for his campaign, has now turned against him. He conveniently used the McCain campaign as a stepping stone to his speaking engagement and book writing career, and now that he’s done, he’s denouncing him, because, well, he does not need him anymore.

Very classy. “Appalled” apparently. Moron.

My heart goes out to McCain. He is a good man who ran a bad campaign. And he’s suffering for that now.

Also, are we still talking about Joe the fucking plumber?
How is he of any relevance now, even for pop culture purposes?(How was he of any relevance even before this?)

Can somebody please find another spate of “leaked” Miley Cyrus pictures in her undies and get this over and done with?

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