As is with most other bandwagons, I’m about 2 years late in jumping on the Brand My Day meme. I first found it on JaneSample’s blog (that is now unfortunately inactive) but I always nurtured the dream to be able to post one of these on my blog. It’s very enlightening, suddenly opening your eyes to your consumption pattern, letting you know EXACTLY where your money is going  and what’s going on you. Not to mention, it’s deliciously voyeuristic in a non-this is my bra color/I’m on a reality show way.

So you basically list all the brands that you came in contact with throughout the day on a typical day. This was one of my less typical, but frequent Saturdays and I’ve of course missed out a ton of stuff, that I don’t even know I’ve missed out.And of course I use a ton of stuff that doesn’t really have a brand, or a brand that doesn’t really have a logo. (I ate daal-chawal with bhindi (rice, lentils with okra) for lunch, made in an office, so I have absolutely no clue where that came from.)

Without much ado, I present to you:


7:00 AM

7:30 AM
9:00 AM

9:30 AM

11:00 AM
1:30 PM

3:00 PM

7:00 PM

8:00 PM

8:30 PM

2:30 AM

Fun no? Now go get your own @

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