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  1. hi aditi ..liked your video about the BRA…it was very BRAVE..BRAINY..BRAZEN . specially the TITbit details like the guys looking down to get the correct size are awesome. liked the whole idea of treating these as your pets , talking to them making sure they are in good health. Also the BRAND thing …kind of always takes the fun out of this whole ball game…its like c’mon guys i could have covered Mumbai Pune almost 2 to 3 times by NEETA or GEETA or SEETA travels with 3000 bucks…but to think u have spent the whole money to tame two unruly pets…never falling in line…must be a show spoiler of sorts..none the less would like to add a few of my “BRAINY” quotes..before endng .If u LOL after reading these u r damn intelligent…if u need some tickling…u r half as intelligent as I thought…if u feel like giving me a “FAQ” …u r probably a dimwit of sorts…anyway the line is

    hows that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHOHOHOHOHO….@#$%^&*()!!! wasnt that real funny?

    The fah-ne-man

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